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    Looking for a new role in 2023?

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      Looking for a new role in 2023?

      Looking for a new role in 2023?

      Our Talent Acquisition Lead, Jessica Morley, Offers Some Guidance.

      If you are starting 2023 in your current role and are not feeling positive or excited by what lies ahead then maybe it is time to start looking for a new challenge! The new year is a great time to re-assess our working lives and for a lot of people that involves deciding to make that change and move jobs – but before you do, there are some things I would recommend doing first!

      Updating your CV

      You want to make sure that your most up-to-date CV is the one that recruiters / hiring managers are getting – there is nothing worse than receiving an out-of-date CV. I would also suggest having a couple of different versions of your CV, one more condensed and one more detailed. Different employers have a preference but it’s always good to have a more detailed version if a client wants more information about things such as projects and experience. I would also add a cover letter to accompany your CV that is tailored to each role you apply for. I love receiving cover letters/emails – it really gives that personal touch.

      Search job boards & apply

      If you have seen a role that is of interest and you would like to apply then DO IT! Even if you don’t match every single criteria on the job specification – your background and experience could be perfect for the role, but you won’t know unless you apply!

      When searching for roles, don’t just search on job title but use keywords that match your skills as well as job roles. You might come across some roles that really interest you but perhaps have a different job title!

      If there are contact details on the role (either a recruiter or line manager) then I would follow up an application with an email as well – it will show your commitment and interest in the role as well as highlight your application.

      Why January?

      January is a great time to start looking for a new role! Most clients will have paused recruitment on the run up to Christmas so be coming back in the new year with a renewed sense of urgency to get their teams in order for the coming year. Lots of businesses have new budgets for the year and as we all know an interview process can take 1-2 weeks, perhaps longer in some cases, so coupled with notice periods it could still be mid-February/early March before a new role can start! Starting a new job at the beginning of a year gives you the rest of the year to get settled into a new company and really get started in a new challenge!

      Working with a recruitment consultant?

      I might be biased but I would highly recommend connecting with and working with a recruitment consultant in your job search. The main benefit of this approach is that you might hear about unadvertised roles and roles that are ‘hot off the press’ before anyone else. A recruitment consultant can work specifically with you and your skills to match you to the perfect business and role. They might see your skills/personality/background and instantly know about a suitable role or company that you might never have heard of but is something that fits perfectly to your career goals! It also means that you have the assurance that even if you aren’t going through job boards, your job hunt is still going on in the background for you.

      Interviews in 2023

      As most of you will be aware, but for those of you who aren’t, – virtual interviews (MS Teams, Zoom, etc) are now almost always the first stage of an interview process. My advice would be to treat them no differently than if you were going to meet a client face to face. Dress appropriately, make sure your software/laptop are working properly, make sure you are in a quiet place where you are able to concentrate and ensure that you interact with your interviewer/s as you would in a face-to-face setting.

      Think about your transferable skills if you are interviewing for a different type of role or company than you are used to working with; make sure you are engaging and asking questions along the way; explain your reasons for wanting to work for their business as well as asking about career/development opportunities but most importantly, make sure you are prepared and have done your research on the role/business before your interview! All clients like to know that you have prepared for your interview and have some questions ready that aren’t related to HR type things – holiday/bonus’/sick pay etc.

      Deciding to look for a new role might feel like a daunting challenge but if you use some of the hints and tips above – it might just make things a little easier and hopefully help you find your next exciting opportunity in 2023!