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    Month 1 in the new role

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      Month 1 in the new role

      Month 1 in the new role

      The CRO Diary, By Kevin Moran

      So, January flew by, it’s been a few weeks since my last blog where I spoke about social media and My Why! Month one in the new role has been full of meeting both with internal teams around the UK and getting out in front of some great clients.

      Highlights for me have been getting in front of our amazing people around the business giving a presentation of my role and how we can work closer together to ensure that the BB group are adding as much value to clients and candidates as possible.

      Getting around the country meeting clients to discuss recruitment strategies for the next 12-18 months along with discussing the current economic environment we are all operating in. One of the best parts of my role is that I get to engage with so many different sectors which gives a great insight into challenges organisations are facing and some great conversations around how business is going from strength to strength.

      It’s been positive to hear firsthand the outlook for the market is really positive, yes of course interest rates have created some short-term concern, however not to the levels the media has reported, particularly when you read the negative information over the past few weeks of more and more redundancies, particularly within the big tech companies. However, it is important to take a closer look at this to really understand it’s not down to these businesses struggling, but more down to over-hiring and restructuring, this article from Forbes gives a good insight into The Real Reasons For Big Tech Layoffs At Google, Microsoft, Meta, And Amazon.

      During the Covid-19 pandemic. Salaries hit record levels as competition raged for the top talent, and the media was full of stories of lavish perks. So, it’s not a shock to find that the median time a recently laid-off employee has been in their role is roughly two years. This could suggest that, in some ways, these cuts represent a winding-back of hiring policies put in place since the pandemic.

      This article also suggests that the advances in AI such as ChatGPT have contributed to the redundancies, however, other views are this is down to mismanagement and increase stock prices to make shareholders happy!

      In any case from what I can see from speaking to my colleagues and clients, the market will continue to be stable with more growth coming into Q2. I will update on this as the months/years unfold.

      To finish the month Myself and Andrew Broster hosted some clients at Twickenham for England vs Scotland, amazing day even though we lost! Well done, Scotland, you could only stand in admiration watching Duhan Van der Merwe try. Andrew Broster was clearly very happy!! A great day with good people, but unfortunately, it will be another year wait to try and get our hands on the Calcutta Cup

      My Fitness journey update…

      On a personal note, the fitness journey is on track, 4kg lost in January looking to lose another 10kg by July’s family holiday! I’ve made that public now so no excuses right!

      For anybody that is interested in how I have lost the 4kg, I have focused on 16 hours fasting at least 5 days a week, this means I don’t eat between 8pm – 12pm and when I do eat, I ensure it is high protein, fibre, natural fats, basically cutting out any highly processed foods. Also, I am still going to the gym 5 times a week, which I mix between weights and cardio.

      However, after listening to this latest podcast, I’m not sure how much the gym has contributed to this! This is another great episode with Giles Yeo “The Weight Loss Scientist” You’ve Been LIED To About Calories, Dieting & Losing Weight!

      My Typical daily menu Monday – Friday

      • Lunch: Chicken breast on sough dough with rocket // Or a Huel shake with some chicken breast
      • Afternoon Snack: portion of nuts or a Protein bar (only if I am still feeling hungry)
      • Dinner: Protein (Chicken, Steak or Fish) + roasted veg (red onion, peppers, mushrooms) sometimes with a Jacket Potato or sweet potato or eggs
      • Snack: Dark chocolate (a few times a week)
      • Drinks: Lots of water throughout the day (average around 2 litres) + 3-4 coffees with a splash of full-fat milk.
      • The daily target is to have c2200 calories (Protein 200g // Carbs 170g // Fats 70g // 30g fiber)

      I have also cut out alcohol where possible Monday -Thursday, however, still do love to drink at weekends. I also have a good Sunday roast, just try to make it a little healthier or just have one portion rather than going back for seconds!

      Example Gym Sessions

      • Monday: PT session – Weights // Super sets + deadlifts
      • Tuesday: Upper Body // Super sets + 30min cardio
      • Wednesday: Lower Body
      • Thursday: Rest Day
      • Friday: Weights full body // Super sets (Heavy weights session + deadlifts)
      • Saturday: Rest Day
      • Sunday: Cardio 45 – 60 minutes

      I will update all in my next Blog next month, Feel free to reach out to me to discuss #work, #life #fitness