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    Top Tips for Video Interviews

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      Top Tips for Video Interviews

      Top Tips for Video Interviews

      Video Interviews: The Challenge – A more 2D version of yourself

      Even for many hybrid or on-site roles, the first part of the screening process may take place via a video interview. This is a quick and efficient way to meet, but by definition, the interviewer and the interviewee are 2 dimensional and your energy and enthusiasm might not be as apparent while you are being interviewed.

      Video Interviews: The Solution

      If you like the role, company, and interviewer from what you’ve seen during your interview, tell them! Make a point of thanking them for their time and verbalising, “I’ve really enjoyed meeting you, and I’m really interested in this role.” If they don’t pick up enthusiasm from your body language, this will be a fail-safe to make sure they know you are interested.

      Make sure you have some questions prepared to ask at the end of the interview; they might answer some as you go through the interview, but some really insightful questions that really demonstrate interest in the organisation and role (and that they are less likely to cover) could be:

      Q: What are the key challenges to this role/team that would need to be tackled first if I were to be successful in this process?

      Q: How do you measure the success and performance of your team? What would success look like for someone starting this role?

      Q: From what you’ve seen today, how well suited do you feel my skills and experience are to what you are looking for? What have I not covered that is an essential or desirable requirement in the role?

      Research the company and the person you are meeting. Look on companies house, their website, or LinkedIn and ask a question or make a comment that shows you have invested the time in finding out more about them.

      Lucy Rider
      Business Director